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April-May News Letter
Just Dance at April's First Friday Downtown!
     On April 1st we were dancing in the streets for Lakeland’s First Friday Downtown! We Hustled, Waltzed, Swung, and ChaCha’d to entertain everyone who walked by. 
     Justin Och from Wing Chun Kung Fu Studio, Florida Southern Theatrical Group, and the Yo-Yo Guy, Roy Orbison, performed during intermissions. We all had so much fun handing out flyers, and dancing. Hope to see everyone out there dancing with us next month!
Dominic's Italian Stallion Night!
     The first social this month was in honor of Dominic. Why you ask? For no reason other than we love Dominic! 
     We had the best Italian Cooking from the kitchens of many of our students and guest.
Just Dance Runs All Around Town!
     By far our busiest Saturday ever was the 9th of April. First, we were at the Woman's show at the Lakeland Center. Chelcee, Douglas, Shila, and Kevin gave a spectacular Hustle demonstration. 
     Then, we got the crowd up on their feet and taught them the "Neon Moon" line dance. After that, half of the Just Dance group stayed at the Lakeland Center to man our table, while the other half went to Tampa for the West Coast Swing Class at Dance World! Once the West Coast Swing Class was over they ran back to the Lakeland Center for another performance at the Woman's Show. 
     When we left the Woman's show, we had about an hour break and then headed to American Legions in Tampa. This was definitely Just Dance's busiest day ever!
Salsa Sunday!
     On the 10th Just Dance held "Salsa Sunday" at the Wing Chun Kung Fu Studio from 2-5pm. We even got Justin Och, the Kung Fu Teacher at Wing Chun, to dance along with us!
Central Florida Academy of Etiquette at Max and Ruby’s Bunny Party!
     On March 15th Central Florida Academy of Etiquette was invited to Nickelodeon’s “Max and Ruby’s Bunny Party” at the Lakeland Center to teach Party Manners to over 200 children! 
     They taught the children what an invitation was, how to R.S.V.P. and then how to properly eat a 2-bite cup cake! 
     CFAE did so well they were invited back for Max and Ruby’s Live Performance Bunny Party and even Princess On Ice
Happy Trails to Karen and Jeff
     Saturday, April 16th we had a very special Country themed social. Tonight  was our favorite “Snowbirds”, Karen and Jeff's, last night with us before they returned back to Michigan for the summer. In honor of them we raised our glasses for a toast and some interesting gifts from Beth and Ron. 
     We'll be starting a Karen and Jeff watch very soon until they come back down in six months! 
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Samba Workshop and Dance at Stardust
At the Dance Workshop at Stardust in Plant City most of us learned something new, the Samba! Kevin and Donna co-taught the huge group class how to do some basic and even advanced steps! Everyone in the class were samba experts by the time the class was over, then it was time to begin Stardust’s Monthly Ice Cream Social, complete with endless toppings!
Stardust and Just Dance's Second Collaboration!
     The last social of April was the Stardust & Just Dance Collaboration Social! The second one when just a smoothly as the first with a ton of laughs, lots of dancing, and even more food! 
    All of us here at Just Dance are very excited for our Third Collaboration!